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 The Rules, Obey or Die
 Posted: Jan 16 2015, 04:42 PM

Please read entirely

1. Registration. Members 18+. Please register an ALIAS account i.e I'm 'Liz'.

After this, Register each character account as Firstname Lastname just like that. Example: John Smith.

Applications must be completed as coded with your character name account not your ALIAS one. If done post in COMPLETED APPLICATIONS. If you're still working on it put 'wip' and post in PENDING APPLICATIONS.

FACECLAIMS Must be a celebrity. This means, Actor, Singer, Model. Also make them realistic, don’t take a photo of 50 year old Brad Pitt and say he’s 23. A few years is fine, like using a 30 year old as 26 etc, totally okay.

Registration Part 2 now here's the important part. CANONS are a privilege. No one can hold more than 2 canons at one time (unless approved by Liz) and Staff reserve the right to revoke a canon at any time if they believe the character is not being used. CANONS are limited to our list if you have an idea for an additional CANON you may pitch it to admin prior to application.

2. Respect Be respectful. If you want to be an ass get out of dodge, I don’t accept that here. If you find anyone is showing you disrespect or being rude please contact admin immediately. No Tolerance. I believe strongly in 'if you don't have anything nice to say' theory.

Behave Maturely This applies to everything on the site, especially in the Chatbox! Polite Dinner Party manners apply. No Debates. No Politics. No Discrimination. No Religion. Constant chatter or complaints is annoying and a good way to alienate your fellow members. I don't care if you're 18 or 48, you should have an understanding of appropriate behaviour. You are here to interact with us. The chat does not revolve around one person we are a family..

3. Posting No Wordcount. Rule is Quality over Quantity. Grammar, Spelling and good story is favoured over post length.

4. Activity. Now we all have real lives but we please ask you only join if you intend to be active. That means at least one IC post a week. We do understand things happen, but not posting for a month because of 'muse issues' is just not an acceptable excuse. I will do an Activity Check every couple months.

That being said, any thread that has not been replied to for 1 months+ will be deemed 'abandoned' and moved to abandoned threads archive.

If you require this thread for your plot I recommend hashing out what happened with the other members. Leaving threads too long without replies slows down the plots.

5. Character Rules. OC Encouraged. We have no character limit. HOWEVER, if you make a bunch of characters and are not using any of them, we have a problem. So we ask that you only take as many characters as you can handle. If I find you're not posting with one, I may ask you to re-evaluate them.

We do not allow characters under the age of 16 on the site except NPCs. We also ask you restrict yourself to our approved Species list.

No TOO POWERFUL or ALL POWERFUL characters. This is why we recommend OCs. Every character should be vulnerable.

6. Netiquette. This seems silly to mention as everyone should already know the rules of Netiquette. No Godmoding, Powerplaying etc. Please review the Netiquette Rules thread for expansion if you're not sure of these definitions.

7. Wanted Ads: This also goes for character plots and histories. If you're taking a request it must be approved by the person who requested it before Admin will review it.

If you have taken a wanted ad and disappear, the original requesting member reserves the right to place them up for adoption. What this means if a new member may come again and adopt the wanted ad by creating their own new history.

This may mean a new character with the same name however we DO NOT allow anyone to copy histories. Each new member must create their own version of every character.

8. Rating. We are 18+. There is no 'rating', just be respectful so if there’s graphic violence or anything that might cause someone to be uncomfortable please put [M] in the title so people can prepare themselves for reading or avoid where necessary. While we all enjoy writing on the grittier side of things remember the plot! Don't let Smut become the only thing we're writing.

9. DRAMA FREE ZONE: Welcome to the drama free zone, unless of course that drama is in thread in which case we totally approve. Be chill and we’ll be chill it’s simple. To show you've read and or/reviewed the rules please add or edit the phrase "Word to the wise. Don't piss off the nerd angels." into the other section of your application. This shows us that you agree to all site rules.

Graphics Keep it tasteful please and avatars must be 250x350. Do not make signatures wider than 500px or taller than 250px. Thanks. If someone else made your graphic please credit them below! This goes for all codes on the site Give credit where credit’s due!

IF you cannot follow our simple rules your applications will not be considered. Thank you.

Questions? Please contact admin x
created by &gin in a jigger- at shine.
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