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 The Rules, Read and Follow
 Posted: Jun 18 2018, 07:12 PM
27 AGE

Members 18+ Only. Please Review The Rules in their entirety. They're pretty simple and straight forward.

1. Registration. Please register an ALIAS account first, then each character their own account as Firstname Lastname just like that in proper capitalization. Applications must be completed as coded.

FACECLAIMS Must be a celebrity. This means, Actor, Singer, Model.

2. Respect Be respectful. Behave Maturely This applies to everything on the site, especially in the Chatbox! I don't care if you're 18 or 48, you should have an understanding of appropriate behaviour.

3. Posting No Wordcount. We are an advanced writers site which means the rule is Quality over Quantity. Grammar, Spelling and good story is favoured over post length.

4. Activity. This plot is entirely character driven so activity is important! Now we all have real lives but we please ask you only join if you intend to be active. That means at least one IC post a week, especially Canons. If Canons are not being used Admin will revoke them.

5. Character Rules. We have a no character limit at this time. If you are not actively posting with them all, this may be re-evaluated. We do not allow characters under the age of 18 on the site except NPCs. We also ask you restrict yourself to our approved Species list.

No TOO POWERFUL or ALL POWERFUL characters. This is why we recommend OCs. Every character should be vulnerable.

6. Netiquette. This seems silly to mention as everyone should already know the rules of Netiquette. No Godmoding, Powerplaying etc. Please review the Netiquette Rules thread for expansion if you're not sure of these definitions.

7. Wanted Ads: This also goes for character plots and histories. If you're taking a request it must be approved by the person who requested it before Admin will review it.

If you have taken a wanted ad and disappear, the member reserves the right to place them back up. What this means is that a new member may come again and pick up the wanted ad by re-creating the character with their own new history.

8. Rating. We are 18+. This means mature content but ad [M] to your thread title.

Graphics Keep it tasteful please and avatars must be 220x400. Do not make signatures wider than 500px or taller than 250px. Thanks. If someone else made your graphic please credit them below! This goes for all codes on the site Give credit where credit’s due!

If you cannot follow our simple rules your applications will not be considered. Thank you.

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