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Jun 23 2018, 09:24 PM
The Game?

Post a GIF reaction of your character reacting to waking up to the person above.

I'll go first.

Jun 19 2018, 01:02 AM
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Amalia Elizabeth Dalton was born into a relatively normal family, or so it seemed on the surface. She was the youngest child of Elizabeth and James Dalton and the only girl. James Sr was born and raised in Ireland but had immigrated with his father to Boston for work (hunting), when he was 20 years old. He met and married Elizabeth a few years later and the two had their first child, a son, and two years later followed another son. However, Elizabeth wanted a daughter and so two years after that they tried once more and Lia was born, their family complete. <p>

As the only girl, and the youngest she was spoiled. Her father worked long factory shifts to make ends meet but tried to be home whenever he could for his children. Elizabeth worked while they were in school but was always home for them in the evenings. They never saw much of their Grandfather, though he too was still living in Boston, and bringing it up too often upset her father so Lia learned at a young age to stop asking about her Grandfather. <p>

On the day of her 8th birthday she came home from school as usual but instead of finding her mother making supper she found both her parents, dead, mutilated beyond much recognition. <p>

The nightmares took over her life then and Lia and her brothers were sent to live with their only blood relative in the area, their grandfather. They'd had minimal contact with their grandfather before but after being sent to live with him they soon found out why. The children learned their parents hadn't simply been murdered, not by a human at least, but by a demon. <p>
At first, They thought it was some sort of joke that her Grandfather was simply being cruel to them, but soon enough she and her brothers realised the true reason her parents had kept them away from him for so many years. Patrick Dalton was a Hunter, and not of animals, of creatures and demons. Once the reality had settled in it was as if they were sent into boot camp like training. Day and night they were trained like soldiers. They trained in combat, weaponry, latin, religious relics and their uses.<p>

Sweet, simple, innocent Lia disappeared quickly and was replaced by a machine. Being so much younger than her brothers she was never allowed to do the actual killing on the hunts, it wasn't until she was 12 years old that she actually made her first kill, and she did so without order or permission. <p>

She was punished but her grandfather finally saw her skill and regularly allowed her to truly participate with him and her brothers on hunts. They were shown their family history in the book her Grandfather had brought with him from Ireland. It detailed their long history of hunting and it made them wonder why their father had so freely given it up, allowed himself to be so unprotected, and had in turn left them unprotected.<p>

Once the hunting became a regular occurrence the children were pulled out of school and taught on the road while they traveled to different cities. Lia could never escape the nightmares of her parent’s death, but killing things made it a little easier, knowing that she was preventing it from happening to others gave her a sense of purpose. <p>

When she was 17 her Grandfather was killed while they were on a hunt and she and her brothers were left alone to fend for themselves, so many questions unanswered. <p>

Now, at 23 she is desperately trying to break away from her over protective brothers to hunt on her own. She knows if they are able to cover more territory they can accomplish more, unfortunately she knows they often still see her as their baby sister rather than a normal partner in combat and that they've all lost so many people that they're also afraid of losing her. She is determined to uncover the mystery of her parent’s death even if it means losing her sanity to do it.


<b>Sample Post: </b> see Sammi Winchester
<div class="skapp1g">EERIE - 27 - CST- PM/DISCORD </div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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