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Jun 20 2018, 08:39 PM

This person is the closest friend Bobbi has and is also one of the select few that aren’t family that know who she is, knows which hunting family she comes from. I’m leaving this pretty much open for whatever you, the player, wants to choose… Nothing is set in stone whatsoever! They could be from high school or college. They could be a civilian or a hunter, though I would even consider the possibility of them being in law enforcement as well. Could make things very interesting! I’d like for the character age to not be too far from Bobbi’s own age, so 21-33, and they can being any gender!


Former, retired hunter who owns the bar Bobbi works at. They could have retired for whatever reason, although I keep envisioning either starting a family, or suffering from the loss of a family member due to hunting. Most everything about this character is open (including gender), but the age should be in the 35-50 range, which is really wide range now that I think about it!

....more to come.

You have thoughts or ideas just message me on my Blondie account or post here!
Jun 18 2018, 11:50 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">Bobbi Winchester</div>
<div class="skapp1d">22 | bartender | hunter | willa holland</div></div>
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My name is Bobbi, Bobbi Winchester. Most girls my age would hate the fact that had such an unfeminine name, but I know where mine came from and I’m quite proud of the name. I grew up hearing the tales; the real life stories my father told us about the man, the hunter Bobby Singer, that I was named after. Rather inspiring. You see, my father is Sam Winchester. Which is why I lived for those days when my dad let me come along on hunts, especially once I got over the initial fear of what we were during, the things we were hunting....things most would run terrified from. Not a Winchester though, or at least that's what dad taught me. Although, I have to admit that I'm not quite sure he expected me to like the family job as much as I do.<p>

Things were good, simple hunts, family bonding until I turned thirteen. That was when everything changed, nine years ago. I had never given much thought to the fact that dad had a brother and that meant that I had an uncle, possibly even cousins, but I did. It’s been a wild ride, but us Winchesters got each others backs even if we don’t necessarily get along.<p>

I made my dad a promise, though, that I would try to have a normal life. After graduating high school, I attempted a few years of college and worked part time at a bar owned by a retired hunter. Honestly, I tried my hardest to find some other “career” I would love as much as hunting, being a police officer came close, but it was too strict so yeah, that didn't happen. I came to the understanding that having a normal life just was not for me. Dad made me make a few other promises when I finally got the courage to tell him about my decision: one, not to take on dangerous hunts by myself, and two, that I have a life other than just hunting. For now though, I enjoy my work at the bar, my jeep, and hunting. <p>

<b>Sample Post: </b> Aiden Kelly was an asshole, he knew it and did not care who knew it, he also considering himself charming, which how else would an asshole ever get a woman to sleep with him if they were not some form of charming…or rich. He loved woman, an none more so than his younger sister, Aine. He knew she probably thought they, the family, wasn’t doing a damn thing to find her kidnappers, to find who had taken her and done some of the worst things on could do to a woman. He might, no, he was an ass, but he at least gave women a choice when it came to having sex with him. Forcing a woman was just one of those line he would not cross. But they were, working on it. It was just taking a lot fucking longer than he wanted.<p>
When he had gotten the phone call from Aine, his heart had started to pound violently in his chest, her voice bringing back unwanted memories. He had thought he had put a detail on her, someone to watch out for here without interfering with her life, someone to call him if anything out of the ordinary happened, or to jump in a deal with a situation if the need arose. And if it ever did, he was sure to get an earful from his sister, but her safety mattered. He had been foolish before thinking she was safe in her life outside of the family’s ‘world’, that had been them looking through rose colored sunglasses, and illusion shattered. Aiden would do whatever it took now, whether she, or anyone else liked it.<p>
He was still reeling when he arrived at the address she gave him, furious with himself and everyone else that she was at a doctor’s office. At first the receptionist did not want to help him, let him go into the back, but she was given little choice as he cut cold blue eyes at her and jerked the door open. Another nurse tried to stop him until she realized just who he was, which brought an almost sinister smile to lip face. All that changed when he opened the door to the room Aine was in and he saw her tear stained face. Normally a woman’s tears did not bother the asshole one bit, but the exception was when it was someone he cared about…That’s when they did the man in. “Aine?” His voice questioning as it cut through the silence of the room.

<div class="skapp1g">blondie - old - PST - Discord: Blondie#4981 </div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>

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