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Jul 11 2018, 08:34 PM
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A long time ago, my parents made a deal. I never knew what that deal was but later I found out in the aftermath of it, someone had slipped into my room and gave me a sip of their blood when I had been all but a few months old. It lead to something that I would have never thought possible such as powers and getting jacked up on demon's blood from time to time but perhaps I am getting ahead of myself.
<p> At a little over ten years old, I watched my dad tell my mom that he was going to take care of their 'problem' and he walked out the front door, never to return. My mom had cowarded that night, I didn't understand why. She was skittish and nervous, something I had never seen her like before. She always knew that my dad would come home, why would this night be any different. Less than twenty four hours later though, it became clear that it was.
<p>Police showed up on the doorstep the next morning, telling my mom that her husband, my father, had been mauled to death by some form of canine, whether it was wolf or dog, they didnt know yet. My mom sent me on my way somehow, telling me to remember that both she and my father loved me. At the time, I didnt understand why she felt it was so important to tell me this before sending me to school. I remember how ademant she was and told me to remember this always. Now I know its because she knew her time was up.
<p> Because when I came home, I found her dead body in the living room, holding onto a knife while she had been clawed and bitten to death. Crimsome liquid pooling all over the plastic vinyl floor. I dont remember much of what happened next, other than I had the sense to call the 911. They showed up and then so did my aunt, whisking me away from the horror that was the Bryne family kitchen.
<br> After that, my aunt raised me. She took me out to the country, away from the city. I went to school there. I also went to therapy. My aunt tried very hard to love me as her own, although from time to time, I was certain that I reminded her too much of my dad in looks. Dark hair, square jaw, hallow eyes, some gangly body. Every once in a while, I would hear her weeping in her room. The one time I dared to ask her what was wrong, she told me nothing. The next day, she had gotten me a dog. I suppose it was to make me forrget that I had ever saw her being sad. His name is Shadow.
<p> Entering high school, everything had gotten weird. I thought it was because I was a teenager, but there was something not right about me, even my aunt could see it. When I would get angry, furnitature would move and slide across the floor. Picture frames and mirrors would rattle. Even small things like lamps, books, tiny figurines would just fly across the room. This started when I was fourteen. For a while it got worse but then it got better. I had discovered that I could move things even when I wasnt angry. Everything was about emotion and control.
<p> The internet told me it was telekensis. The ability to move things with your mind.
<p> One day during my junior year, it started out like any other day after school. I had gotten off the school bus at the end of the road, Shadow had been there waiting for me. His tail wagging as I petted him before we made our way down the quarter mile driveway that lead to my Aunt's house. But as we approached the door, something was not right. It didnt feel right in my bones and a low growl had escaped my dog. But I was still stupid enough to enter the house. My aunt had been waiting there for me. Before she could even speak, Shadow bounded forward and attacked her without warning.
<p> Before i could call him off though, something strange happened and her eyes went black. Pitch black, no whites of her eyes, no irsis, nothing. It was like they didnt exist. My aunt, if I could call her that, threw Shadow aside like he had been nothing more than a stuffed animal, "Haley, come with me." It was her voice and yet not her. I had done nothing but stared until a bark caused me to snap out of my haze. Quickly, my hand went to the fridge, staring and I could already hear my 'aunt' screaming at me no as the fridge freed itself from the wall and flung itself in her direction at my command, pinning her to the wall.
<p> And then, for two seconds, I heard her actual voice, "HALEY RUN! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!"
<p> That had been all I needed, I grabbed my school bag and headed out the door, Shadow hot on my heels and we disappeared into the unknown. I had been seventeen that day and now I am twenty two, hiding from anything that might cause me harm. Demons who want me for something. Angels who want me dead. Civilians that just do not know what to make of me when I save their lives by flinging a car or a book shelf or even a trash can. Hunters who realize that I am not natural, that on occasion, I use a certain type of blood to boost my strength when situations get truly ugly and the aftermath it leaves on me.
<p> I, Haley Bryne, have no home, person, place, or thing. I go where my feet take me and my dog follows.

<p><b>Sample Post: </b>
<p>She ignored everyone around her and they in turn, ignored her. Standing in the line of a fast food joint, Haley just stood waiting for her food to be brought to her so she coudl leave. Every second seemed to go by slow and that did make the young woman feel just the tiniest bit uncomfortable. Haley didnt like standing around in one place for very long, espeacially when there were other people around and she was seperated from her dog, Shadow. He was a better detector of good or evil than she ever was.

<p>If someone would have asked her if this was how she imagined her life at twenty two, she would have said no. At this point, she should have graduated college and was looking for some sort of job while currently holding onto a mediocore job until wowing some bigwig in HR at a fancy place and then she'd be on her way. Instead, Haley was homeless and on the run. And who she was on the run from changed every time. On occasion, people thought that they could help her but she never felt like telling the truth. In her expirence, based off of tv, people tend to not believe one when they said that they were being pursued by demons and on occasion angels, literally. That was a one way trip to the funny farm, to where she could be locked up and easily found.

<p>"245," called out a tired fast food worker.

<p>Haley noted, her dark eyes darting to the brown paper bag and then nodded, coming up and grabbing it before disappearing from their site. Walking outside, she was gleefully greeted by a black dog, happy as he could be to see her. A small smile tugged at her lips, at least someone didnt think she was a waste of space on this earth. Placing her back against the brick wall, she then slid down and sat down on the ground, being level with Shadow. He tried to stick his nose into the bag prematurey, "Stop." And just like that, he backed off although his tail was tail was thumping against the ground.

<p>Producing a burger, she just pulled the paddy from the sandwich and gave it to Shadow, who happily wolfed it all down and she herself begain to dig into her own burger. Fast food never felt so good, "I really need to get us real food soon," she muttered. At least for her dog at least, it was probably only a matter of time that he'd end up with some health issue because she hadnt been giving him real dog food all the time. Around her, people just skirted by her, giving her a wide bearth as they passed by on the street, caring on their daily lives and wanting nothing to do with her. A sigh escaped her as she went back to chewing, "We'll be out of your way soon enough." Haley muttered to no one in particular, it was just clear that she and her dog were not wanted on the street.

<div class="skapp1g">FOREVER - 28 - EST - PM</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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