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Jul 11 2018, 03:12 AM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">Ophelia Harington </div>
<div class="skapp1d">27 | Doctor | Demon | Shay Mitchell</div></div>
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<br> ok so you want to know all about me...well here goes....I was born into a a large family I was one of 5...three brothers one sister. I was second youngest and although it was a tight squeeze we managed.....but then yes Wigwams arnt the most spacious of things. See I was born into an Indian tirbe so we were one large family. <p{

It was there I learnt about certsin myths and Legends and they got my interest. Some of the elders said it was an unhealthy interest but I always wanted to learn more. But my father wanted me to pursue healing which I did to keep him happy....but all the stories had be intreaged. <p>

I always thought there was much more to them than the elders told us. It was after our village was attacked and ransacked that I got to learn my family lay dying around me I called out for help, to whoever would listen. Not that I thought our spirit guides or people much as I wanted them too...but someone did come to my aid...a man...And he offered me a deal...he's save me, my family and in exchange he said he would come back in ten years to her his payment. I agreed...maybe it was foolish but there was no way I could be alone in this world...<p>

The guy - who had strange red eyes- kept to his word and my family survived and my family built itself up again and for the next ten years we all loved happily. I trained a a healer and even found love. My deal long forgotten...but there's no happy ending to my story...flash forward ten years and like he promised he came for me...or the hounds did and my human life as I knew it ended and it was down into hell i went. <p>

Time works differently in hell and I did things there I'm not at all proud of as I changed and sucome to becoming a demon. But after a while I wanted out...but that is easier said than done...So once the Azazel stuff kicked off and those gates opened I make the most of it and I got out. <p>

It took me a while to ajust to my new life in a world that had changed so much since I had walked it. But I did it. Found out I'm quite the fast learner. I learnt fast about the supernatural about hunters demons and other monsters. And I learnt fast to keep the fact I'm a demon to myself. I wanted to help and to have a purpose in the world do I headed to med school and I trained as a ER doctor. A job I found I loved and was good at. After I qualified I decided staying in once place would be no good as I don't age
So I took my medical skulls out on the road. Helping those who needed it and couldn't for what ever reason couldn't afford hospital and the bills that came alone with it, or due to a lifestyle they lead couldn't go to a hospital such as hunters...And over the years I built up my name my reputation and now I travel wherever needed to help out hunters and those supernatural who need it.<p>

Yeah yeah I know I'm a demon and it's hard to believe im the good kind as believe me I know there are like no good demons out there. All I'm doing it trying is lead a life I can be proud of...And this is it...I don't broadcast that I'm a demon and of some hunters know, so far I have not make it to their kill list...let's hope with all that is going on now it remains that way.</b> <p>

<b>Sample Post: </b>
Octavia stood in the middle of the rubble of what use to be her waterside home... It was now a mess and distroyed due to the events that had happend over the last few days in Gotham. Events that had brought her and Bruce back from Jump City early. Events that made him suit up and become batman to save the city. No matter how much he had asked her to leave she didn't, she stayed.
She had gone to the local hospital where they granted her special privileges to help out as not everyone in the city was able to get out. So for that last couple of days or so she had worked with little to no sleep to help those who needed it.<p>
Now the events had left Gotham in much need to rebuilding and restoration, which she knew would happen in time. Letting out a sigh she looked at the mess and knew there was no way she'd be able to save anything of her house. It was all gone her home. Her belongings, all of it swept away never to be the same again.<p>
The house would get rebuilt in time. Until then she'd need a place to live... Her office maybe, she had two rooms one could be a bedroom for her. That or a hotel but she knew she'd only be able to afford that for a limited time. She stood there in the navy scrubs the hospital had given her and sneakers feet crunched over the remains of the house as she took a few steps to where her living room once was. She ran a hand over her face and wiped a few stands of dark hair out of her way, they rest of her hair tied up in a ponytail that swished down her back as she moved.<p>
Everything was gone, everything she owned ruined... Ava hedsdfl beyond exhausted she finally sank to the floor, and sat on who knows what of her house for just a few minutes to try and gather herself and figure out her next step.

<div class="skapp1g">Ria - old enough - GMT UK - Discord #Ria5574 or pm </div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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