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Reagan Mills


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Jul 10 2018, 05:49 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">Reagan Mills</div>
<div class="skapp1d">24 | Mechanic | Hunter | Natalie Dormer </div></div>
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<b>Reagan knew the truth about who she was, and the world she and her twin brother were bought in to from an early age. Hunting had never been hidden from the twins. Mixed in with their bed time stories were folk laws and information on what was really out there. Her mom was always open and honest with her and Reagan grew up respecting that. <p>

She and her brother were brought up to hunt yes but Reagan took an interest in other things too. While spending time with Bobby she took a shine and a liking to his junk yard and all that was in it. And it was there she learnt and built up her mechanic skills as well as her hunting ones. It was also there that she and her twin learnt the truth, that Bobby was their father. Reagan was fine with this as she had formed a bond with Bobby and learnt so much from him so him being her father was just an added bonus. Its a family secret no one else knows apart from them.<p>

From the moment they were born the twins had an instant bond and have been pretty much inseparable since then. Her brother older and he is the other half to her. She'd honestly be lost with out him. <p>

Reagan is Sassy...but then that comes as no surprise when you realise who her parents are. She gives as good as she gets and is quite the pool and card player. She can drink like a fish too and can be quite the Tom boy at times , mainly because of hunting and being a mechanic, neither have much call for designer dresses ans hihh heels. But, when she does have the excuse to dress up she takes it and goes out to impress which often leads to teasing from her brother.<p>

Reagan knows she lives in a hard world one that could be a little scary at times. But it's one she has learnt to respect and to deal with. Espically with her brother by her side. <p>

Reagan hunts when she can and when she's not hunting she runs her own Auto Repair shop she has built up in to a strong viable business and one she loves, and is damn good at. She's glad she is able to for now combine both being a mechanic and a hunter. <p>

Reagan isn't blind, she knows they live in rocky times andc they could change in a moment's notice so she knows she always needs to be ready for that. Ready for anything that could come her way.
</b> <p>

<b>Sample Post: </b>
Reagan shook her arms and flexed her fingers as she then shook out her arms and clicked her neck before taking in a deep breath. She did this before every race. She took a few moments to herself to get her self ready. She didn't have any set routeens as such but she liked to just have a moment or two to focus.<p>
The blonde was getting ready to race and it was a big one. A lot of money on the line. There wearnt many of them in the race, it was a race of the best of the best and one Reagan had every confidence in that she could win. OK, I've got this... she said to hefself as she pulled the hair elastic off her wrist and tied her long blonde hair up into a ponytail out of her way. Dressed in her jeans and converse so she was comfy enough to drive she tossed her jacket onto the back seat and she was left in a simple top.<p>
Looking to the other racers she nodded and headed to her side of the car. Looking up into the crowed she found Eddie with ease and smiled and it made her feel so much better knowing he'd be there watching for her and hopefully at the end watching as she won the race.<p>
Getting into her car and into her stand position her fingers right around the wheel her eyes set dead in front of her as the awaited the horn that would tell them to go....
As she soon as she heard it she was off. Feeling the tvril of the race. The power of the car beneath her and it moved with ease as she drove it as if it was part of her.
She drove with ease and was in the lead the others behind her and she was happy comfortable and she coasted with ease....only it wouldn't remain that way for long...

<div class="skapp1g">Ria - old enough - GMT UK - Discord #Ria5574 or pm </div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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