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Jul 6 2018, 07:18 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">Joshua Bailey Walker</div>
<div class="skapp1d">37 | mechanic/hunter | hunter | Pete Wentz</div></div>
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<b>Apps will be considered abandoned after 5 days</b> <p>

So somewhere in this wonderful wide world is this all too pretty boy that goes by the tune of Joshua Bailey walker --if that's even his real name-- who, for the most part, is just looking for love. Much like almost everyone and anyone else on this earth. But with him, he feels the need just a touch more keenly than the next average joe. He grew up in a foster home all his life, unwanted by his biological parents and then by foster homes that didn’t work out.<P>

Joshua, a child of “the system,” was bounced around from time to time, which means he has seen and heard a lot of things from one foster home to the other foster home with little love and even less stability to call his own. Josh is the kind of guy who will help you out no matter the cost even if it means his own life. But he is also the person who will take a life if it needs to be done. Growing up on the streets Josh fell into a group of kids of hunters and he made sure as hell he listened to everything they had to say.<P>

Especially after one of his friends went missing and every time Josh went to his parents' house they just dismissed him basically because their son Lucas wasn’t supposed to talk about the things that went on at home or why mom and dad were gone for days at a time. A hard way to live to be sure and now that he is all grown up, basically making money any way he could be scamming people at pool because he was a shark he just waited until they were a little too tipsy and then he pretends to be tipsy, ahh hell he didn't even have to pretend. And taking the odd jobs here and there even working at the mechanic shop something he taught himself well because he never wanted to have to walk everywhere he would much rather drive.<P>

It’s been years since he has even thought about Lucas but he was always in his subconscious, really his first love. And he has grown up a lot but now that Josh had a little money in his pockets he didn’t need to sleep in his car or under some bridge. He had been renting a room for quite some time now some low-level motel. And every now and then he broke out the box of his keepsakes and he found a picture of him and Lucas and a few other kids he had lost contact with.<P>

This got Josh to thinking about just what had taken his friend, and since he was all grown up now he thought about going back to his old house and telling them that he knows everything. About being a hunter and if they knew what took Lucas away. And in the off chance, they didn’t know he was gay Josh would just say he was his best friend and he needed to know what happened because it has been haunting him for years. He just has those damn trust issues from being bounced around (who wouldn't).. <p>

<b>Sample Post: </b> Josh had been on the road for a few weeks now, he was hunting a djinn which meant it was harder than it looked. Especially because where Josh currently so was Lucas and that’s what threw Josh off because he had already dealt with the loss of Lucas and he couldn’t do it again. But Josh played along and he wasn’t going to lie it was nice to see Lucas again. But there was only so much a guy could handle before it broke him.

So Josh asked Lucas to take him to their spot under the bridge where they always hung out and sat by the swampy area of the lake. And then Josh just listened to him talk for a couple of hours, leaning in and kissing him to shut him up. Even if Josh had his suspension that it was wrong okay hell he knew it was all wrong. He asked Lucas if he remembered the weekend but the look on Lucas' face suddenly went slack-jawed and lost in his own memories unable to answer the question.<P>

This is when Josh started thinking that someone or something was taking over his body. And he always carried silver on him, but he was going to have to make sure the right moment he brought out his knife and tried to cut the djinn. But clearly this was going to take two Josh reached into his pockets and grabbed his cell calling anyone of the closest hunters “ Hello listen I have no idea where I am the last thing I remember was going into an old abandoned warehouse I Ummm think it's a Djinn I can't seem to break free I am downtown my truck is parked out front if that's any help, please come and help me. And to come and help him before it’s too late not that he wasn’t loving spending time with Lucas but it wasn’t right, and he knew it, Josh leaned in and kissed him even if it was dreamland. It was still nice to pretend to feel those lips against his.

<div class="skapp1g">Becks - 35 - Pacific - pm or discord</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>

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