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Jul 4 2018, 11:33 PM

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There comes a point when one must accept life is not going to go as expected. For me, that point was decided about a decade before I was born. How I'm not entirely sure; that would be my dad’s story and he died when I was still a baby so not much chance of talking that over. Whatever it was though, it caused a good amount of weird in my life and a whole lot of terror.
<p>To start at the beginning, I was born to Abigail and Edgar Locklane. Things were happy, they were proud parents. And then when I was only a few months dad died in some freak fire. Mom was devastated. Not only was the love of her life gone, but she had to raise a kid as a widow now. If it weren't for Grandma and Grandpa Locklane stepping in, I'm not sure mom could have managed. But with their help we were able to carry on and live. Mom went back to work at the museum, and I spent my days playing with my grandparents.
<P>I was four when I first met Uncle Azzy. He wasn't really my uncle but that was what I called him. He was odd, but to my young mind he was more entertaining than scary, at least back then. He just showed up in the backyard while I was playing and started talking to me about destiny and plans for the future. I didn't really understand what he was talking about. I told my grandparents about the funny yellow-eyed man when I went inside but he was gone by then and they thought he was just a new imaginary friend.

<P>After that life went on and I didn't think much of Uncle Azzy. I started school, made some friends. Mom and I moved into our own place an hour from Grandma and Grandpa. I think they were happy to have some privacy back even if they were a little sad at the same time. Mom started dating which meant there were random men coming around. Some were nicer than others. Most didn't last long, but a couple stuck around for awhile or came back. One of those was a man named Hunter Thomas. He was nice and stopped by when he was passing through. He was on the road a lot.

<P>Anyway, when I was nine, Uncle Azzy showed up again. By this point I had mostly forgotten him and figured he had been imaginary. Turned out that was wrong. He was definitely real and that time he was really happy about something. He spoke of plans again and being special and others like me. He left behind a knife that time. Mom was not happy when I showed it to her and locked it in a drawer before making me promise not to talk to strange people anymore and tell her if the man came again. While I didn't see him again there were other odd things. Mrs. Denning next store stopped being so nice and I swear sometimes her eyes looked pitch black. I know what that means now, but back then I had no clue. There were others in the neighborhood like her with dark eyes who seemed to be waiting for something.

<P>I tried to ignore it. Sure they were creepy and some seemed to pay a little too much attention but I figured that was just how adults were. There was no real danger; we lived in small town nowhere! Nothing interesting happens in places like that. That was until I was walking home one evening from cheerleading practice. Something came out of the bushes and started running at me. I think it was a dog? I mean it sounded like a dog, only I couldn't see it. I ran. I didn't know what else to do and I was sure it would catch me. Then I heard a gunshot and when I looked back Hunter was there, shotgun in hand. He got me out of there and brought me back home.

<P>He stuck around for a week. During that time we spoke about what had happened and I told him about the black eyed people, about Uncle Azzy, and showed him the knife. He kept that, and I finally learned what had really been going on.

<P>I was not prepared to know demons were real. I was less so to find out several had been living around me and watching me for the past several years. Sure it was good to know there were people who worked to stop the monsters but it didn't make it any less scary. Hunter explained ways for me to stay safe, and gave me a necklace that he said would prevent any from getting inside me. He did his best to deal with several of the demons including the one in Mrs. Denning. She moved away shortly after. Before he left he made me promise to call if anything happened. There were things he had to take care of, but he promised to come back.

<P>I was terrified by all this. I avoided going out, stopped cheerleading, made up excuses so I wouldn't have to spend the weekend out with friends. I went to school then came home and hid in my room. Even when Hunter came back a few months later, I still didn't want to go out. He and Mom rekindled their relationship and when I was sixteen they got married. I don't think he had been planning to stay but life has unexpected turns. And he was a really great step father.

<P>Things were quiet for the next couple of years. Hunter hung up his guns for the most part, only going out on hunts when a friend of his needed help. We decided not to tell Mom what had been going on. It was better, he said that she not get involved, and over time she just accepted the protections he set up as quirks and superstitions.

<P>Things didn't stay quiet though. School was on spring break and Mom was staying with Grandma after Grandpa had broken his leg doing yard work to help out. I was sitting in the backyard when Hunter came through the gate followed by a pair of demons. He was bloody and hurt bad. There wasn't time to set up a salt circle or anything; the salt was all the way I the kitchen and they would be on him before either of us could get inside. I didn't want him to get hurt anymore, but I wasn't a fighter. Before I even thought it through I called to get their attention. They approached and the one grabbed at me. I reached up to block him and hold him back but when I touched him he just sort of...collapsed. He didn't die or anything; he was still breathing but he seemed to have very suddenly fallen asleep. Not sure what was going on I reached out for the other demon and the same thing happened. The next thing I knew someone was laughing and when I looked back Uncle Azzy was standing there over the body of my step dad.

<P>At that point I ran. I climbed into Hunter's truck and took off down the road to wherever. I didn't stop until I reached a shoddy rundown motel the next state over, and using Hunter’s phone, called one of the friends he occasionally helped out to ask them to go back and see if Hunter was alive and make sure mom was okay. After that I threw the phone in the river. With all that Uncle Azzy spoke of, I was certain that had been my fault. If I stayed away then my family would be safe.

<P>So I took to the road, living out of Hunter's truck, camping out in abandoned buildings when I could. I learned more of what I could do on the road as well. It turned out if I touched someone, I could make them fall asleep. The longer I held on, the longer they would stay asleep unless someone woke them up first. It seemed to work better on those who weren't expecting it, but even those who managed to resist a brief touch got pretty groggy. Stranger still the more I made others sleep, the less I needed to do so. I still got tired but I could stay up for days, even a couple weeks without stopping if I knocked out enough people. The more I do it, the easier it becomes. Who knows, maybe one day I'll even be able to enter the dreams of people who are sleeping and communicate with them or even make them start to dream while still awake. Either way, for now I don't know what else to do other than keep moving and try to stay safe, or at the very least sane. Not that I have very high hopes on either front.

<P><b>Sample Post: </b> Over the years (few though they may have been) TK had gotten very good at stealing. Oh sure there were others better at it than her, capable of stealing larger and more elaborate things. But for her age, she did very well, and thanks to having so much energy and little need to waste on sleep, she had plenty of time to practice.

<P>When it came to figuring out what to do with the stolen goods however, she was less capable. Money was easy to deal with; it just got stashed away or used to buy random things. Objects on the other hand needed to be sold off or a use found for them. Otherwise they just sat in random hiding places around the city, half of which TK had managed to forget the location of. (She still couldn't recall where she had stashed that case of semtex, or the pouch with raw diamonds in it.)

<P>Ideally, she would just sell stuff at pawn shops around the city. Unfortunately it was a challenge to find a shop that would buy from her. So many had a ridiculous policy of not dealing with minors. It was her intent to see about changing that this evening. She made her way to one of the larger pawn shops in the Kitchen, carrying a box of various stolen goods, such as jewelry, a couple guns with the serial numbers filed off, a few wallets, a small sculpture and various other little items of value. She entered and set it on the floor beside herself and peered over the counter.

<P>"The hell do you want kid?" The man behind it asked. "Get outta here, scram."

<P>TK shook her head. "Nope nope," she told him brightly. " You you are go going to buy stuff from from from me. At your your best value best value, when when whenever I ever I come in. Or I I I destroy your store your store."

<P>The man just rolled his eyes and pulled out a shotgun from under the counter. "Nah I don't think so. You can leave or get shot."

<P>TK did not comply. She wasn't sure if the guy was serious or just trying to scare her. Either way making sure the option of being shot was off the table was a good course of action. So rather than run, she jumped up and grabbed the barrel of the gun, sending a flash of white light through it. "Twist."

<P>At her command the metal of the firearm started to twist around, rendering the weapon useless. "Now now then," she said looking to the man, "wanna buy to want to buy stuff?"

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<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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