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Jul 5 2018, 07:57 PM

"There are wondrous things.
There are magical things.
There are dangerous things.
We get what we deserve."

Bellamy Locklane

Bellamy, or Bell was never what one might consider normal. Oh sure life had all the trappings of normality and she embraced them, but the truth is, it's rather hard to be normal when you have demon blood in you. She's even met the source of it a couple times. Add in a hunter step father and the truths of the world have been at least partially revealed.

So since normal is not in the cards, she's living with the strangeness. Alas, unlike many who face the supernatural, she has not taken up the mantle of a hunter. Sure she has a nifty ability to put people to sleep with a touch but let's face it; monsters are scary! Instead she travels around just trying to survive and avoid getting hurt. Time will tell how successful she'll be, but in a world filled with monsters, safety is little more than a childhood dream.

Bell has become a bit of a loner ever since finding out about monsters. It was safer and easier to keep to herself rather than worry about what ifs. Bit life without social interaction is really dull and so she tries to make conversation with people on occasion. Besides there's always a chance someone might know something helpful. In the end, if you're willing to be friendly to her, odds are she'll return it in kind.

At least, she's willing to be friends with humans. Demons however and other monsters terrify her. Not saying friendly interaction with them is impossible, just highly challenging. Beyond that, she is one of Azazel's gifted kids. What's more, she doesn't avoid or try to suppress her power. It's useful and she wants to learn more about it, which means using it. Any hunters or people in general really who have issue with that may find difficulty in getting along with her.

When it comes to romances, Bell doesn't have a very impressive track record. Sure she went on a couple dates in school, but avoiding socializing at the start of highschool doesn't lead to an exciting tale of romance, and at eighteen, she's still got some growing to do. That being said, flirting or even seeing what could develop is always possible with the right person. Man, woman, or wherever else someone may fall on that particular scale she isn't concerned. Love is varied, and the options for partners should be as well.

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