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Dáire O'Callaghan was born in Dublin, but the family immigrated to the United States somewhere down his teens where they settled in South Boston, a section of Boston more affectionately referred to as "Southie" by locals. Like many families in Southie, the O'Callaghan family was blue collar with Irish roots. With two younger sisters added to the family, Dáire was the oldest of three kids. His father was a roughnecked dockworker who drowned on the job when Dáire's youngest sister was only a few months old. Dáire's widowed mother was a chain smoking motel maid with a bad habit of stealing guest's personal belongings, although that habit ensured that her children were fed for another night. Dáire's childhood wasn't an easy one. With his mother often scrounging to make ends meet, he more or less had to raise his sisters while their mother dragged them from apartment to apartment, working seventy hour weeks as she moved from one minimum wage job to the next after she lost her job at the motel when she was inevitably caught stealing. <p>

Never settling down and constantly in monetary trouble, constant upheaval meant Dáire never managed to stay at the same school for anything more than a few years, and his education and ability to make friends reflected this as he became quiet and withdrawn from the other children. Starting Junior High though, the one small beam of light he had became football, which he was surprisingly good at, even making the varsity team as a Wide Receiver known for his incredible hands, but he lost his spot due to academic ineligibility which eventually contributed to him dropping out of High School. With little to no possibility of the youngster being able to have a decent future, Dáire began working in various dead-end jobs, desperately trying to help his mother and sisters stay afloat. His first job was in Joe's Diner, where he spent time waiting on tables, serving behind the counter and fixing anything that had been broken.<p>

By the time he was eighteen, Dáire had held a number of jobs, working in bars and on work-sites as a laborer until he was finally able to enlist in the United States Military without needing parental consent. Having enlisted with the Marines, Dáire became an accomplished combatant, and vehicle mechanic for the US Marines. Every month he would send a percentage of his paycheck back to his mother to help support her and his sisters as best as he could manage whilst consequently saving some money aside with which to purchase a new home for them when he finally left the military.<p>

After Dáire completed his training, he was assigned to Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, First Marines which meant he would see conflict in the war being deployed near hostile territory. The realities of war shocked Dáire like nothing before, the constant seething heat, the lack of sleep as their company were forced into grueling engagements and skirmishes.<p>

Disorientated and beleaguered, even knowing who the enemy was became a soul draining task. During one particular conflict, his unit lost three marines, caught in the explosive charge of a human bomb. Among the casualties was the highly popular Lance Corporal Hayes. The loss of their colleagues and friends hurt, but within days, the company was called together and taken back into the town where they had lost the members of their unit. Ordered to shoot anyone on sight, Dáire refused, before being threatened with his own death. Given no choice, the unit did as was ordered, shooting anything on sight. Dozens of women and children were gunned down ruthlessly. It was one of the most harrowing experiences of his life, not to mention the moment his innocence was forever lost.<p>

Finishing his tour of duty, Dáire hung up his uniform and returned to the US, still wearing the scars of the conflict but now more determined to get his mother out of the dire situation she was in. With his pockets filled, saving his money had meant he had made enough to give his family the financial stability they deserved and buy his mother a place of her own. Immediately touching down, Dáire headed home only to find his youngest sister missing and his family dead. During his tour of duty, his mother had suffered a mysterious illness and had then gone insane, shooting his oldest sister to death. Due to his being out of radio contact, he hadn't even been there to attend the funeral but once he was back, he started digging for answers. What he found gave him chills. He began to suspect someone or something of causing his mother's illness and his oldest sisters' murder. And whatever it was involved his youngest missing sister.<p>

Taking it upon himself to find the missing pieces to the puzzle, Dáire eventually fell into the world of Hunters quite naturally, taking up gigs and assignments to pay his way. Now, you best pray you're never on his list of jobs to fulfill...

<b>Sample Post: </b>
"How 'bout instead I make you my bitch, you Irish fuck!"<p>

The hissed threat that accompanied the sharp blade forced against the vamp's jugular, spoken so intently through clenched teeth, made the hunter snicker near-soundlessly, a creeping smirk resting on his normally unsmiling lips. Jaysus Chris'. Muppet sure had a mouth on him, didn't he? Feisty as hell despite the fact that he wasn't in any kind of position to be mouthing off like that.<p>

"Irish fuck, aye? Has an easy enough ring ta i', but I tend ta prefer Daire instead," the hunter smirked, rather amused the vampire was even still trying. Past the mouth of the ally and across the piers, the first few shy rays of the slowly rising sun glistened across the water. It was as perfect a timing as any.<p>

"Les'go fer a short walk, shall we? Hope ye didn't forget yer sunscreen." Grabbing a handful of the vamp's locks once more, Daire dragged the creature unceremoniously out of the protective shadows of the ally by the roots of his hair and into the first light of day. A violent push of the hunter's booted foot against the vamp's back had the bloodsucker crashing to the wooden boards of the pier, his face leaving a skid mark of blood as it hit the walk, and it weren't long before that familiar sizzle of exposed vampire skin being touched by the sun met their ears. A dark shade visited Daire's gaze for a moment as he sliced open the vamp's jacket and sweater to expose more skin to the rising sun, the sharp blade biting into flesh.<p>

"Argh!" The last of the vampire's resolve finally left him, his whole body shaking. "They're at Spear Avenue, Hunters Point. But you'll never find them - they'll be long gone!"<p>

In no mood to have this vamp eat up any more of their time, the hunter sneered then, teeth baring like a wolf's before they were to attack as he snarled, "Don'ye worry, lad. Been feelin' lucky all night."<p>

With a kick underneath the vamp's chin, the monster's torso and head were thrust upright by force and the blade of Daire's machete glinted in the early morning light right before it slashed through flesh and bone alike, blood spouting from the rend it created. Head separated clean from the torso, limbs sagged along with the rest of the body the moment the head thudded to the boardwalk.

<div class="skapp1g">ARIES - OLD - EUROTRASH-TIME - Discord/PM</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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