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Jul 8 2018, 03:19 PM
Another just for fun game but in this game you post a candid picture of the person's FC above you, one they wouldn't necessarily want out there kind of like a paparazzi/tabloid kind of dean. Any sort of silly photo.

I'll go first.

Ben..I'm almost scared to ask what phase this was
Jun 18 2018, 11:31 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">Sammi Winchester</div>
<div class="skapp1d">23 | ballerina | hunter | jessica stroup</div></div>
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Sammi Marie Winchester was the first born daughter of Lisa Braden and Dean Winchester. Growing up, her childhood was relatively normal, you know, as normal as it could be having Dean Winchester as your Dad. <p>

She always thought he was weirdly over protective, and she knew that he and Ben were keeping a giant secret from her but she never suspected the truth.<p>

In her youth she would go to Yoga with her mother but Sammi’s first love was dance and gymnastics. Being the only girl in the family also meant she was spoiled and she poured all her time and heart into dance. <p>

At fifteen years old however, Sammi hit a bit of a rebellious streak, which seemed to begin right around the time she began to notice that maybe boys were a little bit more fun than ballet. So when she wasn’t in the dance studio she was often sneaking out of her bedroom window to meet the flavor of the week.<p>

It was also around this time she was hit with the news. Her uncle Sam whom she’d been named for, and had always believed was dead, really wasn’t and the giant secret that Dean and Ben had been keeping was a whole lot bigger than she had bargained for. It was then that Sammi began her training, rock salt, holy water, latin all of it was thrown at her quickly and while she was a quick leaner, she found it overwhelming at best.<p>

Her rebellious streak seemed to come in handy for hunting as she rarely feared anything and met every challenge with a care free attitude. Still, she knew she didn’t want to spent her life chasing down monsters all around the country, so she worked her ass off and managed to get into Julliard and the hell away from Cicero, Indiana.<p>

Currently, she is working in NYC in a ballet company while keeping an eye out for bumps in the night, she keeps in contact with her family and when they need her she’s there, but her relationship with her father and oldest brother is still strained because of all the secrets.

<b>Sample Post: </b> This was the last thing she needed, to have locked her key inside her apartment. Moving had been a no brainer, the old apartment held bad memories now, and there was always a risk that he could come back. Besides, once this place had become available she had jumped at the chance. After all, this was likely going to be the closest she ever got to living in a brownstone. Because, she WAS living in a brown stone, it had been converted to several different apartments, but it still maintained that feeling, that bit of status. <p>

It blew her mind that once upon a time an entire family had lived in the entire building. It didn’t even seem possible to need that much room. <p>

It didn’t feel quite like home, but nothing really did. Rae had never had a ‘home’ not in the traditional sense. He life with him had been the closest thing to a stable home environment that she’d ever had and she did nothing but wonder now if any of it had even been real. <p>

Now, her phone was on its last five percent and something told her that the building manager wasn’t in any kind of rush to let her inside. It wasn’t like she had anywhere to keep a spare key. She hadn’t been in the building long enough to give one to a neighbor, or trust anyone enough to do so. Could you blame her? The last person she had placed her trust in had been lying to her the whole time they’d been together. <p>

Not that she could exactly imagine finding a good time for him to tell her that he was a werewolf, even without knowing her family’s past that would have been a difficult conversation. Then, to do what he had. She shuddered at the memory looking at her phone as it dropped yet another percent in battery. <p>

Turning her eyes to the door she thought about the fact that with her new strength she could break the door down rather easily. Not only did that risk exposing her secret, it also would draw questions about breaking the frame of the door, and that also risked not being able to close it after. The struggle was as they said, real. <p>

Patience was not one of her virtues these days. A lot of traits she had once had were squashed by her new self. It had its benefits sure, like the fact that she hear the key in the front door of the building before the door had even opened. Then the sounds of footsteps on the stairs slowly ascending. It was easy to assume it wasn’t the main floor tenant as they continued on past the first landing.

<div class="skapp1g">EERIE - 27 - CST - PM/DISCORD</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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