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Jul 1 2018, 11:23 PM
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<div style="width: 400px; height: 320px; background-image:url(;"></div> <div class="joshtopq">CARRY ON,</div><div class="joshbottomq">MY WAYWARD SON</div> <div class="joshyposty joshybear1">

Somewhere in Lousiana....
Ben hated crypts.
Make no mistake regular graveyards came with their own share of issues, whether it was bribing caretakers to let him in, having to dodge dumb ass teenagers out to drink and try and contact the dead for kicks when he was hear to deal with that very restless dead thus usually causing the deadly spirits to make a very unscheduled appearance in the midst of burning the bones, or just the general work of digging someone up.
But the moment you went too far down South, that's when you got crypt, which were a very special pain in the ass. They were big fancy stone houses for bones, and usually so old, that it took a solid half hour with the crowbar to even begin to pry open the damn thing.
Such was the case of one Bartholomew Flynn Clements the Third.
Long name for a murderous spirit that had been killing off construction workers and others ever since his families home was scheduled for demolition. It had taken a lot of digging before Ben finally found where the murderous old bastard was buried, and of course it was in a damn family crypt which he was sure meant something back in the bad old days,p but now was just in the middle of nowhere and had clearly had not seen a visitor in this millennium.
So it it took him 35 minutes to open the grave for this one, but he finally did hefting the heavy stone out of the way exposing the bones. He quickly salted them, and was about to light the match when he heard something inside the crypt.
He paused and took a step back, slightly shifting his stance as he held the crowbar, it was wrought iron, so if the ghost was back for another round, then he was prepared. However, if it was something or someone else....well the crowbar was wrought iron, a quick whack should do the trick.
Ben pressed up against the wall to hide himself a little as he eyed the door Of the crypt wondering just what was gonna come through.

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Jun 30 2018, 11:57 PM
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<div class="skapp1c" style="color: #820b0b;">ben braeden</div>
<div class="skapp1d">34 | hunter | hunter | aaron taylor johnson</div></div>
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They say that you don't choose the life, the life chooses you, and in Ben's case, that seems to be true. He was just a kid when he first met Dean Winchester and inadvertently got captured by changeling. Later on when he was about 11 Dean showed back up, looking beat to hell, and came inside. Soon enough he was living with them. It was unusual at first, there were some growing pains, but soon enough Ben came to see Dean as his father.
Dean soon opened up his own mechanic shop, and Ben would spend time there after school learning how to fix cars. It was a simple, but al together good life, until the other shoe dropped. A group of Djinn's attacked the family, disrupting the simple life they had. Dean sent Ben and his mom to an old friend Bobby Singer, and took care of the Djinn. He and his mom came back once the Djinn's were taken care of and then they moved to a new house.
Dean tired to pretend that everything was fine, but Ben was insistent to learn how to defend himself from the creatures that go bump in the night. Dean kept saying no, but that changed when his mom told Dean that she was expecting and Ben was going to be getting a younger sister. A few days later Dean sat Ben down in the shop and told him, that he was going to teach him how hunt, so that should the day come that monsters would come, he could better protect their family, should something happen Dean.
By the time he was fifteen, Ben could take apart, reassemble, and shoot various firearms , knew the various ways to kill an assortment of monsters, could read and recite Latin. Not exactly the typical teenager by any means. However despite his training , he had never seen any monsters. Despite his eagerness, there was a part of him that hoped that he wouldn't have to use it.
However that hope was soon dashed. It was the day of his sisters fifth birthday party, that a werewolf rolled into town. Dean had taken him, but insisted that Ben stay behind and only be backup in case. Ben of course didn't listen and one of the wolves got the drop on him. He could feel the hot breath and the teeth of the wolf coming closer to him, when Dean shot the wolf, freeing Ben. Dean was so focused on the wolf that had Ben, that he didn't see the other one, coming up behind him.
But Ben did.
Ben fired and fired and fired. He kept firing until he was out of bullets and then a few time after that. He was in shock for a bit, but finally he shook it off and he had Dean left. They had missed his sisters birthday party and she was not happy about it, but Ben barely noticed still caught up with his near death and first kill.
He didn't sleep for days after.
However this seemed to open up the floodgates, as more and more monster sightings started popping up around Indiana.
Needless to say his high school experience was an interesting one. He was plenty smart but between school and his "after school job" the code that he and Dean would use to explain when he was being trained or hunting something, some nights he'd barely get two or three hours sleep. His mom made him do all his homework, but with all that was going on he barely maintained a C average. He had a handful of high school relationships, but they usually didn't last pretty long once the girls realized that this wasn't some YA novel and he wasn't going to reveal all his secrets to them just because they steamed up a backseat once or twice.
He managed to graduate high school and even got accepted to a few colleges, but Ben wanted to forget all of that and be a hunter full time. Shockingly, it was Dean of all people that insisted he got to college. They fought about it for days but as Dean put it " I didn't go to college because of this life,but I'll be damned if your not going!"
Eventually a compromise was reached. Ben went to the University of Indiana, so that way he would not be too far away to reach if he was needed.
Ben went to college and even though it took him a while, he started to like it there. He had fun, got more sleep, took classes that he actually enjoyed, and even managed a relationship or two that didn't end two weeks later. He still couldn't tell people the truth of what his dad did for a living, and he still would occasionally go on a hunt during the winter and summer breaks, but other than that the next four years were fairly normal.
He ajored in Criminal Justice and for the first time he thought about being something other than a hunter, a cop, maye even a lawyer. Until right around the time he was set to graduate.
It started with his friend calling him panicked at one in the morning saying that he was being arrested for killing his girlfriend. It with Ben killing a changeling right right as the cops arrived to see a dead man and a gun in Ben's hand. He was arrested right then, and Ben used his one phone call to call Dean.
Dean managed to get a clued in lawyer down there, and after a very long 48 hours the local PD decided to let him go, not file any charges, and bury this case in the cold case logs. Though Ben's record remained clean, to him it was a wakeup call that there were still things that went bump in the night, and people that would need his help in dealing with them. If he left that behind, he be leaving those people behind as well.
So after he officially graduated, he and Dean went up to Bobby Singer's old cabin, had a few beers, talked man to man, and Ben told Dean that he still wanted to be a hunter.
Some kids get trips to Europe after graduating college. Ben got an anti possession symbol tattooed on his chest, John Winchesters journal, a butt load of weapons, and last but most certainly not least, Baby, his dads Impala.
Dean tried to play it off, but Ben knew how big this was.
So with that he was on the road, saving people, hunting things, taking over the family business. He would occasionally come home, mostly on major holidays. When neighbors, or his siblings asked what Ben did for a living, Dean and his mom came up with the lie that Ben was working for a bail bond company as a bounty hunter, chasing bail jumpers and the like. An easy lie to maintain, and maintain it they did until Ben was 24 and he got the SOS text from Dean.
He broke every speed limit imaginable getting back home, only to find that his family wasn't in danger, at east not directly. Instead he found out that he had more family then he thought. It turns out Deans brother Sam was alive, and had been this whole time, even more than that, had kids of his own. Sam told them that demons were rising again.
With that, the house of cards that Dean, his mom,and Ben had built came tumbling down as his little sister and little brother both learned exactly what Ben did for a living.
To be fair Ben had not been the best brother growing up. He was older and spent his time protecting them from a far, that he really had only started to know them more as people recently. However Ben had hoped that now they might understand what he had done. Instead they were pissed, and fights ensued.
Ben took off shortly after that, because while he could understand his siblings being mad at being lied to... he would be damned if they tried to put the blame on him for saving their asses a dozen times over without any thanks.
He continued hunting, occasionally joining up with Sam and his newfound cousins as well. He kept in touch with Dean who told him he was training his sister and brother. Ben would still come back home when he could during the holidays, but things were still strained between him and his siblings, but Ben sure has hell wasn't apologizing, so he let them be, meanwhile he kept on grinding.
Now, he still remains taking care of the family business , riding around in the Impala, and hunting monsters. The life may have chosen him, but looking back on it all, Ben wouldn't have it any other way.

<b>Sample Post: </b> He was dressed in a sleeveless t-shirt and loose fitting workout pants. His bare feet padded softly on the cold floor as he crossed over the metal border of the sparring circle As he did the circle itself lit up in response with a low hum as he was bathed in light. Kaldur took no notice though as he lightly cracked his neck and began a few simple stretches. He was unsure what he still doing up, but perhaps he was just restless, though with Mareena with her mother this weekend, and with his civilian job put on cruise control during the summer months it was also perhaps he was just bored.
Either way he needed to clear his head and this seemed like as good a way as any to do so.
Kaldur finished his stretches slowly looking around the lit circle with a small grin. It reminded him of the sparring ring that was in the old Cave. He shook his head, that seemed a lifetime ago.
Of course there had been some improvements since those days
"Computer" Kaldur said as there was a small chime in response " Set Targets"
Confirmed the computer replied Set Count?
"15 will suffice." Kaldur continued
Confirmed. the computer replied again before it began a small countdown. Kaldur got into a fighting stance. Once the countdown was over a target appeared in front of him. Kaldur lashed out with a jab of his fist as it hit the hard light target. Kaldur felt the resistance and then the emptiness as the target faded away. A moment later another one appeared at a lower angle as Kaldur kicked the target as it faded.
On and on it went in small pattern, one kick and one punch, then two kicks, then two punches. and so on until he finally gave a right cross to the 15th target and the computer chimed to confirm that the set was complete.
"Again" Kaldur said as thee computer reset itself and once again began the pattern and Kaldur tired to beat his previous time. As the computer chimed once again at the completion of the second set, Kaldur paused and then called up to the computer "Computer randomize target pattern, and widen perimeter to entire sparring circle."
Confirmed the computer beeped and began a new countdown as the countdown finished the first target appeared to his far right as Kaldur had to lunge out in order to deliver a kick to the target. Kaldur continued as this setting was what he needed to get his blood pumping as he was often forced to use more acrobatic maneuvers to get to all sides of the sparring circles to take down the targets. He ended up close to the center of the ring on the 14th target ad now waited patiently for the final target to reveal itself.
He saw something flicker in his peripheral vision, figuring the target was behind him. Wanting to finish with a bang so to speak, Kaldur's arms began to glow as the tattoos became visible and Kaldur pooled lightning into his hands to form a lighting bot as he turned.....
However as he turned he realized that it was not the target, but someone else approaching him. The lightning faded from his hands and he looked up saying " Computer pause program"
Kaldur then turned his attention back to the other person that was up this late, as they stepped closer into the light of the sparring ring....

<div class="skapp1g">Cynic - 34 - Mountain - Pm/ Discord</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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