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Aria Carney-Moore


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Jun 24 2018, 05:37 PM

___________ Carney-Moore. 20. Civilian. Relic Hunter. Open Face

Looking for a Twin Brother for miss ARIA CARNEY-MOORE. These two are emotionally co-dependent due to their past, and very protective of one another. Otherwise, the personality etc is up to the player.

Jun 22 2018, 05:11 PM
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Aria Carney-Moore was the second born child of Nathan Carney and Elise Moore. She was second born by a few seconds as she and her brothers were delivered through caesarian section. Their father had always told them they had been brought out holding hands and inseparable ever since, each one half of the other. They were born in New York City, before moving to Boston when they were five years old. Their childhood up until that point had been relatively unextraordinary except for one thing. Their mother was a fallen angel.<p>
This fact, to this day remains unknown to the Carney-Moore twins because their father was fully human and their parents were victim to a demon attack when the twins were just seven years old. The twins knew something wasn't right about what had happened, they had been huddled together in the closet during the attack and for some reason, left alive. No one believed the truth from two children about what they claimed to have seen that night.<p>
With no family to speak of, or at least none that wanted to step up and accept responsibility for them, Aria and her brother were sent into the underfunded and overworked foster system and fought hard to remain together. Each home situation was worse than the next and while they fought to protect each other they were both subject to physical and emotional abuse and they were soon labeled as 'trouble' children for their resistance to be separated.<p>
At eleven years old they were finally separated and placed into different homes, but this didn't stop them from sneaking off to find each other. It was this separation that lead to Aria becoming the victim of sexual abuse. After finally confiding in her brother the two decided to run away together but the night he came for her, she was caught and they both found themselves in the hospital after having 'fallen down the stairs’ as they were 'trying to run away'.<p>
What really happened that night is still a bit hazy in her mind but Aria always knew they never made it as far as the stairs, at least not on their own. Their escape attempt considered and after false attempts of property damage were placed on the Carney-Moore’s, they both ended up in separate Group Homes until they finally both managed to escape and run away together.<p>
The twins however had nowhere left to run and this lead to them living on the Boston streets and they survived this way for years. One night, when they were about fifteen, they were found huddled together in the alley for warmth by Twenty-Five-year-old relic hunter Carter Morgan, and initially untrusting of his offers, the two were desperate for food. They agreed to go with him and the rest, as some might say is history.<p>
As she grew into her teen years she began to come into her own. She often latched onto her brother but no longer feeling afraid of where she would sleep the next night, she found her validation in attention from other men, the horrific events of her past had molded her psyche into believing that her body was the only thing of value she had to offer. Carter and her brother however tried to show her different and Carter taught and trained both siblings the antiquities business.<p>
He did, what had been done for him, taken orphans and given them the skills to made a fortune, if they played their cards right. They were little better than common thieves but somehow, it gave them purpose.<p>
It became apparent to her over time that she was aggressively possessive of her brother and didn't take well to any female who made plays for him, or paid him attention of any sort. She knew this was unhealthy but no matter how many people she jumped into bed with she couldn't let herself care about anyone who crossed her path. She is often labeled cold-hearted, or unemotional by those who only know her on the surface but she hides herself well, only the select view get to see beyond her mask.

<b>Sample Post: </b> see Sammi Winchester

<div class="skapp1g">EERIE - 27 - CST - PM/DISCORD</div>

<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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