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Jun 22 2018, 04:14 PM
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Chance Rhett Abernathy was born to a young relic hunter named Charlotte Abernathy in Austin, Texas. Chance never knew his father aside from a name, this was probably because he was the result of an indiscretion of his mother’s while she was in Northern Ireland seeking Mac an Luin, the legendary sword of Fionn mac Cumhaill. The job went smoothly, as did her brief relationship with the man in question, except for the fact that she returned with a little more than just the sword. It took a few months but when she was on a job in Maine she figured out she had a little more than just the stomach flu and it was discovered that baby Chance was on the way.<p>
When he was born Charlotte had to give up her work for a while to focus on raising her son but that only lasted about a year before she grew restless and began to search for jobs again. Whenever she did manage to pick something up she would drop Chance off with the nearest old friend for a week or two before she would come back to get him and they would be together for a few weeks until another job came and she would vanish again. It was because of this instability that Chance began to build up an uncaring attitude toward his mother or anyone that tried to get close to him. He would retreat into his own shell at home and outside in the neighbourhood he was constantly getting in trouble with other kids.<p>
By the time he was six Charlotte seemed to have finally noticed that she was pushing her son away and pulled him out of school to show him what is was she did for work. He began to study world history and folklore, he learned about all the mythical relics and where they could be found if he only knew how to look for them. The mother son team didn’t last very long and soon Chance learned that having a father was grossly overrated. While with his mother on a job in Boston trying to steal a particularly valuable piece of manuscript which was successful. While grabbing supper at a nearby pub Charlotte and Chance had an awkward run in. It was at this time he first met his biological father who seems to be the only surprised person in the room. He had long given hope of meeting the man and at eight years old he had grown used to the idea of mystery. Chance had been shuffled away so the adults could talk but he listened in. He heard everything that was said, they had to leave because he had a wife, other children there was no room for Chance in this equation. He heard his mother tell the man she hadn’t been looking for him and to go to hell before ushering Chance out quickly.<p>
The next few years passed and the two never talked about Boston again, despite his own curiosity he knew better to keep his mouth shut. The only trouble was that his Mom had gotten this idea in her mind that she needed to give Chance a proper father. So out of nowhere she told him she was getting married, to a man they had done jobs for before. He was wealthy Texas Oil money and even though he moved to Dallas once the wedding was complete Chance always felt entirely out of place. That feeling didn’t last very long because less than six months into his new family, Chance lost everything.<p>
He turned home from Football practice to discover the house was a flame the fire department surrounding it, in one night everything was gone. After a quick walk through of the house he realized that everything was missing, not their things, their relics. Everything they have worked to find for Jim, and everything they had brought themselves was gone. This wasn't an accident of that he was certain. Still at ten years old, no one believed him and he was sent to live with a godmother he never knew he had. Marisol Evans was a friend of his mothers and worked in the same business. Chance it seemed was not the only orphaned child she had taken in, there were two other boys in the home, Carter Reid and Jesse Morgan.<p>
His make shift family was pretty great, for a while. Marisol taught the boys how to fly under the radar how to break in and what to steal. She finished what his mother had started to teach him and together the four of them ran many successful heists always coming out of the trade with a big payday. Money, however was never an issue for Chance for his step-father and mother's death had left everything to Chance. It was in a trust until he turned 21, but he didn't need the money, not while he had his new family. Things changed however when he turned sixteen; he was coming home with Carter from a movie when he heard voices in the house, he peered through the window to see Marisol had two men there and they were discussing a trade, it was nothing too unusual so He decided to enter the house. He stepped in view of the scene just in time to watch as the woman who had finishing raising him emptied her hand gun into the heads of the two men before her before taking whatever relics they'd had on their person. Chance had stood wide eyed in shock. They were thieves yes, but killers? Everything in that moment change for him and he turned and ran, fast and far, Carter following with him. Marisol tried to find them but with the skills she have given the two boys they were able to stay under the radar and out of her reach.<p>
At 18 he took off on his own, only in contact with Carter and sometimes Jesse when he needed help locating something but he turned into a lone wolf, constantly on the road finding new jobs, completing them for cash. There is nothing he wouldn't do to complete a job (except kill) and he will stick at it until he gets what he wants. He crosses paths with demon hunters a lot, he is semi-aware of their world and their jobs but he is far more concerned with their relics than the things that go bump in the night. At 21 he inherited his fortune but has only spent it on a new car, still ensuring his clients pay for all job-related expenses. Now he's built quite a reputation for himself, good and bad. Good for getting his job done, bad for taking things that don't exactly belong to him.

. <p>

<b>Sample Post: </b> see Sammi Winchester

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<div class="skapp1h"><a href="">SUMMER</a></div>
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