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Jacob Dalton


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Sep 10 2015, 09:59 AM
I honestly thought I'd already done one of these but alas, I have not. Here's the pitch.


Angel. Ageless. Scott Eastwood

Angel of Destruction. He is magically cuffed to ensure his powers stay in check. He has no desire to continue his duty as he hates that destruction follows him. Currently living the life of his vessel working as a carpenter.

Ulric Faelan

Werewolf. 45. Simon Baker

Alpha. Father. Professor of Mythology and Folklore at University of Portland. Widowed.He on the surface is a calm, nice, charming guy. He has a lot of emotional baggage though that causes him to make bad decisions. A lot of what he do seems charitable on the surface but holds hidden agendas.

Friends: Well he is distrustful of most due to his family's secrets however Ulric is a very charming guy. On the surface he's kind and will go out of his way to help. He IS a pretty nice guy, underneath it all but his own demons can cloud his judgements.

Enemies: Well ANY Weylyn wolf to start. From there he's probably stepped on a few toes.

Love: Well. he lost his mate to a car accident some years ago and hasn't really recovered. I could see him growing attached to someone again but it would take time.

Jacob Dalton

Hunter. 28. Chris Hemsworth.

Former Playboy. Overprotective big brother to Amalia Dalton and James Dalton. Jake is kind of your typical, black and white hunter. If it's a monster, kill it. He travels on the road with his brother Jimmy and sister Lia. They lost their parents at a young age and then their grandfather who took them in and raised them to hunt. He is is over protective of his family to a fault.

Friends: A few. Probably mostly other hunters since he spends a lot of time on the road. If he considers you a friend he will do just about anything for you, like family, but if you cross him, hell the both can hold a grudge.

Enemies: Jake can be a dick. He is so used to being in the 'fatherly' 'overprotective' role that he goes to extremes to protect his family. This means alienating people and most of the time, he's not even sorry about it. He is a little too honest sometimes too and quick to make judgements.

Love: Well he has spent his youth playing the field as it were. Serious was never really an option because he had Lia and Jimmy to think about. Now that his siblings have 'abandoned' him he's kind of a lost puppy. He's a fatherly figure without a family.

Septimus McDonough (Weylyn)

Werewolf. 20. Matt Dallas.

Student at University of Portland. Adopted. Amnesiac. Twin to Octavia Weylyn. When he was 15 he was left for dead by his pack after being beaten to an inch of his life for hiding the existence of his twin sister. When he did wake up he was in the hospital with no memories of his old life, nothing but his own name. He was never claimed or found out by his former back and eventually he was taken in and adopted by the McDonough family. Currently he is a psychology and neuroscience student looking for a way to retrieve his lost memories.

Luke Thorne

Shapeshifter. 29. Theo James.

Luke is just an all around jerk. Since being brought up by one of his own kind he turned from a normal half-human boy into a monster who used his powers to get what he wants. Whether it be women, money, or just to mess with people's heads, he will always rise to the challenge.
Aug 19 2015, 02:44 PM
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<h1>Jacob D. Dalton</h1>
<h2>jake. 29. hunter. chris hemsworth. </h2>


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<h2>dob</h2> <h3>> oct 6</h3>
<h2>occupation</h2> <h3>> hunter > daltons</h3>
<h2>hometown</h2> <h3>> boston > MA > USA</h3>
<h2>other</h2> <h3>> #likeaboss </h3>


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Jacob Daniel Dalton was the first born child of Elizabeth and James Dalton. His father was born and raised in Ireland but had immigrated with his father to Boston for work (hunting), when he was 20 years old. He met and married Elizabeth a few years later and the two had Jacob (Jake), then two years later followed another son, James (Jimmy), but Elizabeth wanted a daughter and so two years after that they tried once more and Amalia (Lia) was born. As the oldest Jake was always expected to look after his younger siblings, and as a result looked at them almost as if they were his own children. <p>

Their father worked long factory shifts to make ends meet but tried to be home whenever he could for his children. Elizabeth worked while they were in school but was always home for them in the evenings. Their family life was fairly normal and as close-knit as they could be, if somewhat poor, that was until one day when Lia was 8 years old and she came home from school to find both her parents, dead. It was like a nightmare for the three children, one minute life was fine and the next they were orphans. <p>

The three siblings were sent to live with their only blood relative in the area, their grandfather after this. They'd had minimal contact with their grandfather before but after being sent to live with him they soon found out why. The children learned their parents hadn't simply been murdered, not by a human at least, but by a demon. Patrick Dalton was a Hunter, and not of animals, but of creatures and demons. Once the reality had settled in it was as if Jake was sent into a boot camp like training. Day and night he, and later Jimmy and Lia, were trained like soldiers. They trained in combat, weaponry, latin, religious relics and their uses.<p>

Jake, as the oldest, underwent training first, but his siblings were soon to follow, Patrick didn’t think it was safe to keep them untrained, because anything could happen and they needed the tools to protect themselves. They were shown their family history in the book their Grandfather had brought with him from Ireland. It detailed the Dalton's long history of hunting and it made them wonder why their father had so freely given it up, been so unprotected, left them unprotected. <p>

Once hunting training was over and missions became a regular occurrence the children were pulled out of school and taught on the road while they traveled to different cities. Jake and his siblings were plagued by nightmares about their parent’s death, but killing things made it a little easier for all three of them, knowing that they were preventing it from happening to others gave them a sense of purpose. And Jake became the father figure for the other two, he was determined from the time Patrick revealed the truth to never lose his remaining family the way he had lost his parents. <p>

When Jake was 21 their Grandfather was killed while they were on a hunt and Jake became the official leader of the American Dalton clan. The three were truly left alone to fend for themselves, so many questions unanswered, but determined to keep others from experiencing what they had all those years ago. Jake does his best to keep them together, wanting to be able to protect his siblings but finding it harder and harder to do so, especially with Lia since she is determined to strike out on her own.


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<h2>25. central. AIM/PM. character 2.</h2>




<img src="">

<div style="width: 500px; font-family: Calibri; margin: 0px auto; font-size: 10px; text-align: right; line-height: 110%; text-transform: uppercase;">application by nicole (<a href="">i</a>, <a href="">ii</a>, <a href="">iii</a>, <a href="">iv</a>).</div>[/dohtml]
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