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 Things You Find In A Graveyard, Open
Ben Braeden
 Posted: Jul 1 2018, 11:23 PM
34 AGE

Somewhere in Lousiana....

Ben hated crypts.

Make no mistake regular graveyards came with their own share of issues, whether it was bribing caretakers to let him in, having to dodge dumb ass teenagers out to drink and try and contact the dead for kicks when he was hear to deal with that very restless dead thus usually causing the deadly spirits to make a very unscheduled appearance in the midst of burning the bones, or just the general work of digging someone up.

But the moment you went too far down South, that's when you got crypt, which were a very special pain in the ass. They were big fancy stone houses for bones, and usually so old, that it took a solid half hour with the crowbar to even begin to pry open the damn thing.

Such was the case of one Bartholomew Flynn Clements the Third.

Long name for a murderous spirit that had been killing off construction workers and others ever since his families home was scheduled for demolition. It had taken a lot of digging before Ben finally found where the murderous old bastard was buried, and of course it was in a damn family crypt which he was sure meant something back in the bad old days,p but now was just in the middle of nowhere and had clearly had not seen a visitor in this millennium.

So it it took him 35 minutes to open the grave for this one, but he finally did hefting the heavy stone out of the way exposing the bones. He quickly salted them, and was about to light the match when he heard something inside the crypt.

He paused and took a step back, slightly shifting his stance as he held the crowbar, it was wrought iron, so if the ghost was back for another round, then he was prepared. However, if it was something or someone else....well the crowbar was wrought iron, a quick whack should do the trick.

Ben pressed up against the wall to hide himself a little as he eyed the door Of the crypt wondering just what was gonna come through.

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