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 Violet Morgan
Violet Morgan
 Posted: May 14 2017, 08:00 AM

Violet Morgan

27 years old. Hunter. Human. Natalie Dormer.
"Word to the wise, Don’t piss off the Nerd Angels."

Allie. 25. EST. PM.

Full Name: Violet Renee Morgan
Nickname: Vi
Aliases Used: Pandora
D.O.B. : May 23rd

Eyes: Blue-Grey
Hair: Usually kept long, mid back. Naturally brown but currently blonde. Changes colors periodically to help stay incognito.
Height: Around 5’7’’
Body: On the curvy side, has muscle but not completely visible to the eye.
Clothing: Tends to go for leather but will wear the ‘traditional’ hunter’s attire of jeans, tees and plaid button ups. Likes to dress up if she’s hitting the town up for dates or to hustle cards.

Occupation: Hunter
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Affiliations: Morgan family (mostly deceased)

Born and raised in the suburbs around Detroit in a hunting family, the Morgan’s’. Her family has been in the business for a several generations and are mostly gone now. She is the only (known) Morgan family member left of the current generation but the family had spread out two generations ago.

Her father was raised into hunting and her mother tried to distance herself and her only child, Violet, from the lifestyle. That didn’t work out so well and she eventually gave in to defend herself and her child. She did stipulate to her husband that Violet could not participate or be trained until she reached 18.

Violet could not wait to be able to hunt and took quickly to the lifestyle. By age 20 she was allowed to hunt on her own and by 24 she left Michigan to go on the road. Her parents, especially her mom, didn’t want her to go but she told them that “Michigan had enough Morgan’s’ to hold down the fort.” She has traveled the country ever since, hunting.

The hunter’s life has never bothered her outside of fear for her family; being detached comes easy to her and having been an only child—being a loner isn’t much issue. Though there is a part of her that wonders and sometimes even day dreams about getting out and maybe having a family—that’s a really big ‘if.’ The more emotion you hold onto being a hunter, the more you set yourself up to get hurt or caught out.

Additional Info:
Vi smokes, drinks and can hustle some cards if need be. Fluent in English, Sarcasm and Flirtation. She has an anti-possesion tattoo on the back of her neck, usually hidden by her hair and crescent moon with a black cat on it with a couple stars on her right shoulder. Multiple ear piercings and small sliver hoop in the left side of her nose. Swings any which way but Sunday. Prize possessions include an all metal zippo lighter from an ex and her first bowie knife given to her by her dad.

Sample Post:
Michigan had always been nicknamed the ‘Murder Mitten’ and its residents either celebrated that fact or disputed it. But there were few who truly knew what was out there causing chaos alongside mankind. But Vi Morgan knew better, in fact it was her job to finds the things that went ‘bump in the night.’ Rumor had it, that many, many years ago the Devil himself had shown up in her beloved Detroit—but she wasn’t sure it could be believed.

It was rare for Vi to be home, a trip she made once a year or two to see her parents and catch a case if she could. However this visit was a quiet one, so she had nothing better to do on a Friday night than to hit up some new dive bar that had popped up since her last visit. After changing into something a little less casual she headed over to the bar.

Her eyes quickly scanned the crowd upon entering—giving her an idea of what the night would have in store. ‘No cards, huh?’ she thought to herself before making a beeline for the open end of the bar.

“What can I get’cha darlin’?” The female bartender asked with a brief glance her way.

“Coke with ice and a couple shots of Bacardi,” Vi stated pulling a small wad of cash out of her purse before adding. “preferably Oakheart if you got it.”

The bartender nodded and grabbed her drinks while Vi took another look around, one corner of her mouth twisting up in a playful smirk as she eyed a group of college boys looking her over. When the bartender set down her drinks she tossed her enough to cover the round and a decent tip for which she was thanked. She turned away long enough to grab one of the shots before holding it up with a grin and knocking it back so the boys could see.

“Tonight should be fun…”

 Posted: May 14 2017, 12:36 PM

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